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Feb-Mar 2001

89 Argyle 1998, Willamette Valley, Riesling
When California Riesling has all but died out, here comes a dry Oregon Riesling that has superb varietal definition and bright appley fruit.

89 Sawtooth Winery 1999, Idaho, Johannisberg Riesling
Full-bodied with a dry impression on the mid-palate and a slightly sweet finish, the nose is challenging to describe – candy apple, ginger, and a wisp of peppermint. The structure and especially the acidity, make this a good food wine.

88 Ste. Chapelle 1998, Idaho, Ice White Riesling
A real bargain for this type of wine, the Ste. Chapelle ice wine is rich and concentrated, with pear-like fruit and a background of sweet spices. Half bottle –

87 Ste. Chapelle 1999, Idaho Special Harvest, Riesling
Slightly sweet and intensely fruity (apples ), with balancing acidity and a bit of spritz, and a mineral and sweet spice finish.

Dec-Jan 2001

91 Jekel Vineyards 1999, Monterey, Riesling:
One of the best Rieslings from America, this shows classic apple character coupled with the mineral complexity and scintillating acidity, and light sweetness. Very fine aperitif or pair with fish.

90 Amity Vineyards 1999, Oregon, Dry Riesling
Clean, crisp, dry with scintillating mineral notes on the palate, tart limey fruit and good length. A perfect match for shellfish or chicken breast.

89 Robert Mondavi Coastal 1999, Monterey, Johannisberg Riesling
Tasted blind, I thought this Riesling was dry. The numbers indicate 2.4% residual sugar, but it’s so well balanced that it sure tastes dry. Spritzy, tart, with crisp green apple and honeydew fruit, mineral notes and light astringency through the finish.

87 Chateau St. Jean 1999, Sonoma County, Johannisberg Riesling
Just off-dry, medium-bodied, flowery and minerally.

Aug-Sept 2000

91 Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt 1997 Josephshöffer, Riesling Spätlese
Bright, sweet yet tart red apple character, medium body, clean minerally finish. A class match for fish.

86 Obester 1998, Monterey County, White Riesling
Crisp aciditgy and a bit of spritz give this California Riesling a Germanic feel. Dry, but so fruity it can fool you. Good accompaniment to Cantonese cuisine, fish or pasta primavera.

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