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Wines of Australia

Angove's is one of the largest family owned wineries in Australia. They've remained independent, while over the past thirty years most wineries have been merged into conglomerates. The Angove family has been at it for five generations, since 1866, and while they're a relatively large winery based on availability in the U.S. (wines under 1,000 cases), for our purposes they fall into the COLLECTOR'S category. As such, they're very reasonably priced. I present them in order of preference.

92 2004 ANGOVE'S, Coonawarra, SA, Cabernet Sauvignon:
Vibrant, fruity, electric. The nose is worth the price of admission: high pitched blackberry with a touch of cassis and nutmeg. On the palate the luscious fruit flavors are augmented by a judicious dose of French and American oak, and only slightly masked by soft tannins. Its youthful exuberance makes it enjoyable now, but it has the structure to add additional layers with another 5 to 10 years of bottle aging. 2000 6-bottle cases produced.

89 2005 ANGOVE'S, Limestone Coast, Vineyard Select Chardonnay:
A silky textured Chardonnay with a nose that's deep and persistent, displaying distinctly earthy and nutty overtones, while the flavors point to white peaches and white pepper. Just 2000 6-bottle cases produced.

87 2004 ANGOVE'S, McClaren Vale, Vineyard Select Shiraz:
This is pushing the limits of acceptable winemaking with 14.5% alcohol, but it's reasonably well-balanced. You'll find it aromatic and rather intense, which for me means that it shows best with food (otherwise it's too intense). The nose and flavors remind me of ripe red plums with a good dose of black pepper. The warm finish adds a touch of cherry. 2000 6-bottle cases produced.

83 2005 ANGOVE'S, Clare Valley, Vineyard Select Riesling:
A bone dry Riesling from Australia. Compared to the Angove's Sauvignon Blanc, this is a round wine, but it's still tart. The fruit is mostly in the citrus range, lime with a hint of tart pippin apple thrown in for good measure. A good palate cleanser and easy match for cream sauces, fish, Mexican fare, grilled vegetables sprinkled with lime juice etc. 2000 6-bottle cases produced.

79 2005 ANGOVE'S, Adelaide Hills, Vineyard Select Sauvignon Blanc:
If you like tart Southern Hemisphere Sauvignon Blancs, this will be right up your alley. It's light, crisp and citrusy. A great palate cleanser. Good wine, but the varietal character is elusive; it could pass for Pinot Grigio. Only 1000 6-bottle cases produced.
Older Australian Wine Tastings Entries:
Feb-Mar 2001

95 Taltarni 2000, Victoria, Australia, Sauvignon Blanc
Bright gooseberry nose; crisp, dry, silky smooth and intensely flavorful on the palate with grape, gooseberry and ripe melon flavors that linger for minutes. An exceptional expression of the grape, this wine actually tastes like the Sauvignon Blanc in the vineyard.

87 Yering Station 1999, Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia, Pinot Noir
Aromatic cherry nose, full-bodied, velvety smooth and quite spicy on the palate. Packs a punch.
85 Taltarni 1997, Victoria, Australia, Cabernet Sauvignon
Deep blackberry fruit, light cedar, moderate tannin, a bit of wet straw on the palate.

82 Heritage Road 1999, Hunter Valley, Australia, Chardonnay
A rich, oaky style from Australia – big and fat and spicy.

80 Wyndham Estate 1999, South Eastern Australia, Bin 777, Semillon
Tart melon rind, celery, silky texture on the mid palate and tart on the finish. Dry and tart.
69 Simon Hackett 1999, Barossa Valley Australia, Semillon
Salty, full-bodied, no fruit.

69 Simon Hackett 1999, Barossa Valley Australia, Chardonnay
Salty, smooth, odd. Same as the Chardonnay.

69 Simon Hackett 1999, Barossa Valley Australia, Cabernet Sauvignon

69 Simon Hackett 1999, Barossa Valley Australia, Shiraz
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