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Book Review: Eat Yourself Slim

by Michel Montignac

translated by Erin Goodwillie
279 pages, $19.95, Erica House, Baltimore
ISBN 1-893162-05-2
Reviewed by Mary Etcheverry

From the pages of Epicurean

What did you have for dinner last night? Well, you could have had Caesar Salad, duck breasts in green pepper sauce, and chocolate mousse and been losing weight! As the author says, "We don't gain weight because we eat too much, but because we eat poorly."

After having been ridiculed for his theories for over 10 years, Michel Montignac finally has scientific research to back up "Le Methode." His theory is that it is not fat that makes you fat, but it is sugar and certain carbohydrates that cause obesity by raising blood sugar levels that trigger the body to store fat. Now others have jumped on the "no sugar and low carbohydrate" bandwagon, but this book began the movement. Montignac describes in detail how counting calories is useless, and how to instead choose foods based on their "glycemic index," or effect on blood sugar levels.

This book is for those serious about learning the fundamental nutritional principals that govern their bodies. It is quite technical in parts, but also includes practical food charts and recipes designed to help you eat yourself slim.

"Eating should be considered one of the supreme values of existence," writes Montignac. "This is why cuisine is a veritable art, just like music or painting, an art that fits everyone, that symbolizes the quality of life to which we aspire."

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